You’ll Love Hearing Why This Girl Cut Her Hair

This cutesy 3-year-old girl named Ansleigh had completely cut off her pretty golden locks turning it into a what looks like a mullet! We all know when kids become too quiet, they are usually up to no good. All the parents reading this are nodding their heads yes.

The real reason why she sheared her hair off at the first place had instantly softened her dad’s heart. If she was your daughter, we bet you couldn’t stay mad for too long too when you hear what she has to say. Watch the video below, and find out her sweet response.

Jennifer Clark

According to Chad’s (dad) interview with, the disaster haircut happened when his wife was away for a weekend conference. He was left at home to look after their kids. Chad was under the impression that Ansleigh was just taking her quiet time inside her bedroom, watching tv or probably reading her books. To his shock, he noticed his daughter had already chopped off all her bangs! He grabbed his camera and took the opportunity to film the aftermath while giving her the most adorable telling off you’ll ever hear!

Has any of your kids ever done this? How did you handle the situation? Feel free to leave your comments below.


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