You Won’t Believe What His Roommates Did To Him!

If you are living with other people, chances are you’ll be a victim of these hilariously evil prank ideas. It is not as hilarious if you are on the victim end of the prank, but hopefully the person on the receiving end can appreciate the humor of it all.


To be an unforgettable roommate, you need to master the art of pulling off an awesome prank. If you can manage that, once you all move out they will carry with them these unforgettable hilarious memories.  This video is a great example of how to pull off a memorable prank. Quite a big surprise for this guy and we guess he never saw it coming. We are glad everything was caught on tape and it was tremendously a good one.

Some say the guy is still stuck inside the big garbage pail up until this day… Of course, we are kidding! 😉


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