You Only Get One Shot At It

Everyone, raise a glass! And then….throw it? We aren’t really sure what was going on in this video. Instead of using his champagne to toast, this tuxedoed man chose to toss it. Literally!

We’ve heard that breaking a bottle over a newly christened ship is supposed to bring good luck, but we’ve never heard the one about chucking bottles of Champaign against random sculpture. Maybe it’s just a cultural thing we’ll never understand.

credits:John Galt

In this instance, the results were astounding–just not so much for the thrower. It must have been a one in a million shot and certainly one he won’t ever forget! In the future this guy’s friends are going to have to wear some safety glasses when they go out drinking with him.

Careful, when this guy pops open a cork eyes will be lost and hips will be shattered!

Definitely don’t try this at home and if you do… safety first, have someone stand in front of you.


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