You Never Know What You’ll See At Walmart

If you’ve got the moves, you’ve got the moves and why not show them off at Walmart. We’ve certainly seen worse and this guy’s not half bad.

Check out this funny video of a guy who surprisingly did a smooth moonwalk as he was dragging a shopping cart across the aisle at Walmart. All he needs now is a sparkly glove and a black fedora hat. This is probably the best way to enjoy grocery shopping with a style!

credits:popdog04-“THE MOONWALKER”

This video was uploaded in January 2009 and it spread like wildfire since it was embedded on Reddit, according to SocialTimes. The “POP MOONWALK’s WAL-MART” video is still gaining its popularity today and it has over 3 million views and counting.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen at Walmart? We’ve seen some pretty god awful things in the past so when we see something groovy we just have to point it out.


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