You Don’t Want A Nip Slip Near This Tiny Fish!

You better keep your nips tucked in around this hungry little fish. Nothing is sacred!

This video was uploaded by a Utah based boating store to remind everyone that sharks and piranhas aren’t the only underwater creatures to be scared of. Wyatt Green, the lucky guy whose nipple was served for lunch also happens to be an employee of the store. For Wyatt, it was just another normal day relaxing with the fish at Lake Powell.


While he was filming, this little guy is seen eyeing on his chest and calculating it’s next move to catch lunch. Once decided, the fish launched it’s body out of the water with laser precision and tried to take a bite out of the Wyatt’s nipple! The yellow creature knows what he wants. It was hungry and wanted a little nip of a nip but I think he got more than he bargained for! The naughty fish, managed to hang on for at least few seconds before being finally knocked away by Wyatt. Wyatt managed to walked away intact but for a sore nipple.

The video was captioned with a funny reminder to “Make sure to pack some pasties on your next visit.”

Here’s another look of the nipple cripple attack!


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