Yarrrrrr It’s Pirate Cat!

Did you hear? The most adorable and fluffiest pirate captain you’ve ever seen is finally here! Say ahoy to cap’n’ Zeon! Pirate hat? Check. Waistcoat? Check. Hook? Check. Fierce look? Check. All this feline lawless adventurer needs now is a ship and the rest of the crew, and he’s all set to conquer the high seas of the Carribean!

Although he is missing the eye patch, what got our utmost attention here is his arrogant strut. It’s true, we just spent the last four minutes playing the clip many times over just watching Zeon walking around like that… Arrrr it’s totally worth every second of our time! 😉

credits: sanghee kim

We imagined this adorable clip could be way better with a background music playing. And we were darn right, someone on the internet thought it was a great idea too! So, watch the video below for an epic version of this cuteness overload.

credits:David Stewart


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