World’s Fastest Orchestra Performs A 2-Second Musical Piece

Were not sure how they managed to pull this off but we have a feeling caffeine might have been involved!

Japan nailed it again. This time, they astound us with an extraordinary video performance of the world’s fastest orchestra. These 43 men in their lab coats played the classical music Minuet by Mozart by tossing coins into lab beakers filled with carefully measured amounts of liquid. This video was produced as a commercial by Japan’s Suntory, promoting their new energy drink for the brain, Shuchu Regain. The product claims that it can help you concentrate and focus better. Just the fact that 43 people were able to flip a coin from such a distance and hit a beaker is pretty astounding.


According to the researchers at Harvard and the University of Kyoto, the reason why the Mozart tune “Minuet” was selected is because listening to this classical music piece is proven to help people concentrate better. The coin-tossers prepared for hours to perfect each shot to make sure each coin would land inside the beakers flawlessly. To prove a point they were actually drinking Shuchu Regain during practice.

Pour me up a glass, I’m convinced!


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