The Worlds Cutest Floating Hedgehog

It’s time for a cozy bath for this little ball of happiness! This cutesy named Ragweed is seen floating in a bathroom sink with water who then hilariously curls up into what appears to be a tiny prickly hedgehog boat! It’s so adorable, we seriously want one of these, now! If you’re having a bad day, this clip will definitely help make it better.

Hedgehogs are great swimmers, especially those in the wild. They typically enjoy bath time, so it can be a delightful experience for the pet and owner! Not for Ragweed, though.

credits:Evan Countryman

At first, Ragweed seemed pretty calm resting in the hands of his owner, but then he began to get a bit panicky when his owner was about to release him into the water. Oh, poor little one! He must have been scared because of the cold temperature. Thank goodness for his natural instincts to float! In the end, he looked way more relaxed in his curled position. 😉


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