When This Little Man Raises His Hands Up In The Air, Cheers Erupted!

Who would think that this little toddler could lead a large crowd of spectators in a celebration? Thanks to his cute gestures, something amazing exploded on the internet again! Baby Will got the most out of the crowd when he lifted his hands up in the air. According to his parents, all the people started cheering on both sides of the streets and up and down, as far as they could see.


This event happened at Broad Street when they tried to snap a picture in front of City Hall with a background of the crowds. Watch how he enjoyed their wild cheering, leading┬áhim to repeat the gesture over and over again. No doubt this video has gained millions of views and counting. One comment on Reddit said, “It’s not only adorable but a display of sheer power”. I think we can all agree that this little guy is going to be an exceptional leader someday.


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