When He Shows Her A Magic Trick She Goes Ballistic!

There are somethings you just shouldn’t mess with and if a lady tells you not to joke around with spiders… you should listen to her. *WARNING* If you suffer from arachnophobia you might not want to watch this video 😀


The guy who pulled the prank is magician Chris Ballinger and the lady who got pranked is a YouTube star who goes by the name of Glozell.

The prank started when Chris showed her the walking creature on his phone app. To gain her trust, he did this a few times on Glozell’s palm. But then things escalated quickly when he place a fake spider at the bottom of her hand. This time, he went too far and it turned out to be a bit to big of a surprise for her. Even though it made us laugh, we can’t say he didn’t deserve what he got. She did warn him after all!


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