We Seriously Heart This Little Elvis Presley On The Dancefloor

We can’t help but laugh as this sweet and adorable little nugget takes to the dance floor and steals the show as he jives to the Elvis song “Jailhouse Rock”. The kid’s name is William Stokkebroe. It seems as if he is the reincarnation of the king of rock and roll himself!


According to the video description, the youngster learned his moves after he saw his parents Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe dancing. His parents own a dance studio named Studie43 in Denmark. William was ready to show off his dancing skills in front of a big crowd at a gala night, and he was an instant sensation!

Dressed perfectly in a checkered shirt and jeans, he began rotating his hips, tapping his feet and singing along to Presley’s hit song. He ended his performance with a perfect bow and blew a kiss to his fans.

The crowd loved it and so did we.


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