We Don’t Know If This Sleeping Dog Is Creepy Or Hilarious…

Is there any thing creepier than waking up to someone staring at you? How about filming you while you sleep? Ok, it’s creepy but we’re glad Dexter’s owners pulled out the camera and caught him on film.

Dexter the German Shepard is fast asleep on their couch with his eyes open, rolled back, and obviously enjoying some kind of dream. He looks pretty goofy but at the same time he’s pretty adorable as well. The best part is when he wakes up though.

credits:Cathy Porter

I’m never thought I’d say this but seeing a dog with his eyes crossed made my day. It made Cathy Poter’s day too as you can hear her on film chuckling as Dexter comes too. Poor Dex just has to sit there for a few moments wondering what’s going on.

We don’t know what you were dreaming of Dexter but thanks for bringing a smile to our faces today!


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