We Could All Learn A Lesson In Kindness From These Football Kids.

You often hear the words, “Kids can be so cruel.” That can be especially true when it comes to kids with special needs.

Sometimes though, people surprise us and show that we do live in a world where kindness can peak through and shine brightly. Watch as Jake’s team mates and the opposing team give Jake the opportunity to score a touchdown. We dare you not to get choked up.


Jake is fortunate to have such an awesome community around him. It didn’t take much for team mates to give him an experience he’ll never forget. This will surely boost his confidence and this would make him feel like he is just like everyone else.

We couldn’t help but get choked up as we watched it for the first time. Just a little bit of effort is all it takes to change someone’s life for the better. We’ll be rooting for Jake’s next touch down!


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