Watch This Girl’s Gravity Defying Attempt To Be On Time For Class

To be on time for school, this Japanese girl get her parkour on all the way up to her class room several floors above. No more walking up the building using the stairs for this young lady. For her, this is the easiest way to go to class without being late. If she dropped out of school to be the next Spider Man I don’t think any one would blame her!


Although this video was released as a commercial for Plala Mobile’s unlimited LTE Internet, the breath-taking stunts are for real. She really has the skills of a professional traceuse: a female practitioner of parkour. Meet Miwa Oba, who represented Japan for the IFSC World Youth Championships in 2013 and landed the 3rd place. She won the national youth climbing competition at age 13 and an Asia youth competition when she was 14. At such a young age, she was able to impressed the world’s top climbers. No doubt, she is pretty awesome and extremely talented. We hope to see more commercials of her soon!


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