Watch This German Shepherd Do House Chores Like A Boss!

Meet Baron Vom Herrn aka “Baron The German Shepherd”, a Czech working line shepherd who loves to clean and do house chores. We bet he does a better cleaning job than some humans! He can’t be worse any worse than me…

He dusts, loads the dishwasher, sweeps the floor, and vacuums the carpets. Although his service is not for free… you better have a treat ready if you are expecting him to clean! It is amazing to watch he can do, so check out the video below.

credits:Hill Country K9

Baron is a true best friend capable of guarding and keeping his human’s house squeaky clean. It’s like a dream come true — what more could a dog owner ask for?

The owner of Baron runs Hill Country K9, a dog training facility. Baron is not just popular in this Youtube video, but also across social media. You can check out and follow his Instagram account or like his Facebook page. 🙂


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