Watch These Twins Ham It Up In Epic Fashion!

Sometimes one sneeze can be the start of a huge sneezing fit–or a giggling fit! These perceptive tots, twelve month old twins named Falcon and Phoenix, heard one sneeze by their Daddy. One baby, in a fit of genius, perfectly mimics a sneeze noise almost immediately afterwards. Once the other baby saw that, the sibling rivalry was on, and the sneezing wars began!


Their tiny little sneezes, so little and yet a perfect imitation of an actual sneeze, send their mom into a fit of laughter….and we couldn’t help but smile and laugh too!

This cute baby video was published by family video bloggers Jones Party Of 5 in 2011. Now, after vlogging for so long, the Salt Lake City family has finally gone viral after being featured on Reddit and other notably┬ápopular blogs like TastefullyOffensive and StuffIStole. We can’t wait to see what these precious kids will do next!



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