Watch How These Kids And Animals React To Each Other At The Zoo!

Kids loves zoos. It’s an undeniable fact. And why wouldn’t they? Heck we all love zoos! Zoos let us explore the wonders of the world and expose us to sites and experiences most of us would never get the chance to have. We love to watch all those exotic animals with their unique behaviors.

Well, the kids aren’t the only ones doing the watching…

This video shows that behind the glass, the animals are paying just as much attention to them!


credits:Kyoot Animals

It might be a friendly seal following a toddlers every move or maybe it’s a momma lion checking out a tasty snack? Let’s just say we are thankful for the modern wonders of industrial strength plate glass.

It’s a blast to watch these little ones engage with the various zoo animals. And a few times a bit terrifying.  Whether it’s as a playmate, audience member, or potential lunch, watch as these exotic animals engage with their little onlookers.


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