Wait Until You See This Reporter Freak Out Over A Giant Bug

Who wouldn’t freak out seeing a giant bug flying right in front of their face? This FOX 5 reporter did, but I’m guessing he didn’t want the thousands of people watching him on live TV see his reaction.

Fox 5 San Diego’s weather anchor Brad Willis was reporting the beautiful weather on a beach when a flying insect got his attention. His face  suddenly turned into a terrified reporter who completely lost his composure. He almost forgot he is on live television! We don’t blame you FOX 5 guy. If it were us, we’d go screaming in the other direction as fast as possible. Thank goodness we aren’t on TV… or the internet.


Just like what Fox 11 Los Angeles said– “No one looks cool when a large bug flies in their face”.

If you missed the funny scene, here’s a quick replay of his freak-out face. We tried not to laugh, but we can’t really.


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