Very Strange Accident Caught On Dashcam

What began as a relaxing drive turned dangerous for this dashcam vehicle owner! What followed is a bizarre accident in the middle of a major street in California.

credits:UlikeUC Here

A woman casually leaves her moving vehicle and allows it to roll down the road where is crosses the median and finally hit two other cars coming from the opposite direction. According to a news report by CBS Los Angeles, the odd incident happened on Tuesday, Sept 1 of this year around 3:45 in the afternoon in Rowland Heights along Harbor Boulevard between Vantage Point Drive and Pathfinder Road.

Fortunately, the owners of the other vehicles only suffered minor injuries. Whew! Thank goodness she didn’t kill anyone. The woman who abandoned the silver Hyundai was identified as 22-year-old Jasmine Lacey of San Bernardino. Stacey was arrested for a DUI. However, she was later released from custody early Saturday due to insufficient evidence to support a criminal complaint.

Unbelievable! At the very least they should yank her license!


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