Upcycle Your Old Wine Corks Into Awesomeness!

Every time you open a wine bottle save the cork so you can make these eight simple wine cork crafts! They are cheap, easy, fun-to-make, and are perfect for decorating your home. We listed the materials you’ll need for these awesome projects below, so make sure to check them out.

Are you ready for the wine cork craft tutorials? Find out how to make them by watching the video below.


Projects Included In This Video:

1. Cork Magnets

2. Air Plants CORKED

3. Floating Cork Keychains

4. Candle + Cork Vase

  • Materials:
    • Wine cork
    • Large vase
    • Small glass (roughly the same height like your vase)
    • Candle that will fit inside the small glass

5. Corked Mirror

6. Cork Candle

  • Materials:
    • Wine cork
    • 70% rubbing alcohol
    • Small mason jar
    • Candle holder

7. Cork Chip Clip

  • Materials:
    • Wine cork
    • Knife

8. Cork Plant Marker

  • Materials:


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