Baby In Womb Starts Clapping When She Heard Her Parents Sing

Knowing that a woman’s body is an instrument to create life, is truly wondrous. For a soon-to-be mother, the baby’s first kicks are one of the most exciting moments during the pregnancy. Tiny movements and twitches inside the womb are a mother’s joy, but this mother from Olympia, Jen Cardinal, received more than that.

credits:Jen Cardinal

Cardinal shared her exciting and exceptional moment when she uploaded an ultrasound video of her 14-week-old preborn child which she initially used to announce her pregnancy to family and friends.

What makes this video astonishing is that her preborn baby is clapping in the womb and seems to follow while they are singing “If you’re happy, and you know it.” The short video has gone viral and has now received 11 million views on YouTube.

Whatever Science says, this is beyond amazing!


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