Triplets + Toddler = Hands Full!

This super-mom is going to show us exactly what it takes to be a real mother. Fastening all four of their squirming kids into their buttoned onesies, Corrie-Lynn Whyte managed to get all of them ready for bed in as fast as two minutes and thirteen seconds. Woah, this looks like a real tough parenting job, but she made it all possible without breaking a sweat!


Does she have some kind of super powers? Well, we believe one thing is for certain… It’s not only Corrie-Lynn but all the mothers out there, have owned these heroic powers the moment we were brought in to this world. Moms don’t need a cape to prove this is true! No questions ask — they are our true-to-life superheroes! A mother’s unconditional love, that’s all they possess, which makes all these daunting tasks achievable.

To all amazing mamas, moms, mothers, and mommies reading this, we love and salute you for all the hard work! 😉


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