A Touching Story Of Eric And Petty – “Who Rescued Whom?”

“He looked at me in every sense as though I was the greatest person on the Planet. I decided that I wanted to be the person who he thought I was.” – Eric O’Grey

What would you do if your doctor told you to prepare and purchase a funeral plot because you would likely need one in the next five years? Definitely not the advice you’d like to hear.


Eric and Petty Story

Eric O’Grey was at the point of losing hope 6 years ago, but everything changed when he met Peety, a shelter dog, that results in proving the doctor wrong and saving his life.

At the age of 51 in 2010, weighed 340 pounds with Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. As a last resort, he found a nutritionist and was immediately advised to adopt a shelter dog. Following the doctor’s advice, he went to Humane Society Silicon Valley and asked to adopt an obese, middle-aged dog so he would have something in common – that’s how he met Peety.

What happens next changed their lives. Let’s watch their touching story.


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