They Took A Picture Every Day For 9 Months

When you’re pregnant you change. It’s as simple as that. It’s a magical time filled with ups and downs and it changes your body in ways no one can quite prepare you for. This family decided to document their pregnancy by taking a picture every day for nine months. It brought a tear of happiness to our eyes and we think it will do the same for you.

credits:Tom Fletcher

Here’s an awesome time-lapse video made by Tom and Giovanna Fletcher to present their newborn baby son Buddy. The video documented the nine months of Giovanna’s pregnancy with their second child. Tom took photos of his family almost every day the whole time of his wife’s pregnancy…and of course, Buzz the first born is in the video, too. The clip started on Giovanna’s first trimester of pregnancy and was captioned, “Bump to Buddy.”

On the latter part of the video, Giovanna is shown leaving while clutching her baby bump to give birth. At the end of the clip, they all came together, the Mom holding the newborn baby. What a happy family!


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