Too Drunk Guy Trying To Buy More Beer

This boozer probably hasn’t had enough liquor. Well, that’s what he thought.

The hilarious scene was caught live on a mini convenience store’s CCTV footage showing a pony-tailed man craving more beer despite him being too drunk pick some up much less buy it. Trying to act normal, the unfortunate guy just can’t seem to control the movement of his uncoordinated body. If you see closely, it might appear like a powerful wind is blowing him inside the store.


You have to give him credit for being persistent though. It takes about every ounce of effort and using everything nailed down for support to get to the beer cooler. After his successful attempt, he fell right on his back side again. He continues to struggle until a store employee notices him.

Lucky for him the people are kind enough to help him get up and eventually out of the store hopefully to someplace safe where he can sleep it off.


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