This Two Year Old Cheerleader Has Some Amazing Moves!

She maybe young, but don’t underestimate what this little girl can do. Meet Zianne Angierein Garcia, also known as Zeexhie. Her videos showing her acrobatic skills started drawing attention from internet viewers and she is now a hit in the Philippines.

Both her parents are cheerleaders so you know it runs in her family! Her parents started training her as an infant. While other babies were learning how to walk Zeexhie was already performing acrobatic stunts before she turned one.


Apparently Zeehie is a fast learner and isn’t afraid to stroke a pose from any height. Talk about some incredible balance! She lives and breathes cheer-leading and watches videos of cheerleaders performing whenever she can.

Don’t worry though, the parents of this talented young girl are quick to point out that they don’t force her to do these difficult stunts. She just simply loves what she is doing. That explains the big smile on her face every time she lands a stunt. Her parents also makes sure that Zeexhie knows what she’s doing.

I think we can all agree that she’s an exceptional kid and this won’t be the last we see of her.


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