This Toddler Is A Natural Born Music Conductor!

Some kids like to sing. Some kids like to dance. Every so often though a kid shines through ready to lead them all!

This enchanting little girl has bigger dreams–to conduct the entire choir! And this girl doesn’t only hear the music, you can tell she is definitely *feeling* it too! It’s almost as if she’s possessed!

While the choir’s singers are talented, this tyke is the one who really stole the show. Arm swings, body movements and a serious look that says, it’s all about the music!


Now if only she could get a seat in the front. We know this little one has big things in store for her future. Prepare to see her in her local preschool conducting, with heart and soul, every verse of “The Wheels on the Bus.” And then, Carnegie Hall! We don’t know where she’ll end up but we have a feeling this isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing her.


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