This Squeaky Sulking Toddler Doesn’t Realize How Cute She Is

Are you ready for some cuteness overload? If you still remember the sweet video of Yerin from our featured article “The Adorable Baby Trying To Stay Awake”, we are darn sure you will enjoy this clip from her younger sister too. Apparently, their charm that never fails to make us smile runs in their family!

Meet Yeseo Park! This delightful tot just can’t stay sulking for too long. How could she? When she hears her shoes squeaking every time she makes a step. Well, we can’t hold our laughs either while we listen to the hilarious sound of her red bunny shoes!


The proud dad of these two lovely daughters is Kwanyoung. He is a software engineer who records the everyday life of his wonderful family on their Youtube channel with a username “Bobaepapa.” Their username means treasure in the Korean language. It only shows how much he cherishes every moment with his family, especially his little girls. We’re so fortunate that we get to witness these special moments as well. 🙂


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