This Puppy’s Sneeze Belongs In The Next Exorcist Movie!

Sneezes come in all shapes and sizes. You have your cute little sneezes that sound like they came from a mouse and you have your big ginormous sneezes that sound like they could blow down a wall. Then you have the sneezes from Roux… Roux, who is a fluffy white Pomeranian dog from Louisiana, sounds like he belongs on the set of the next Exorcist movie. There’s something demonic being brought forth whenever this dog sneezes.

credits:Roux The Pomeranian

This interesting sneeze was captured on this 11-second video where Roux was seen preparing for what looks like a large sneeze. As he was about to expel the air, he shook his head rapidly and out came baby Chewbacca growling. A YouTube user even started a question asking, “what kind of sound did that dog make?!?!?!”. One person answered “A high pitched motorcycle engine”, another user said “A mini boat motor trying to turn on then horribly went wrong and gears spun through the air”, and our most favorite answer of all is, “Elmo in a blender”.

We still think it sounds like the Exorcist!

Let’s take another quick look of his epic sneeze!

Bless you little guy!!!


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