This Poor Dog Was Rescued From A Tight Spot

This man’s best friend needed help to get out of a tight spot.

Apparently the poor thing got stuck in between the bars of a gate. Even though she tried her best to go out of this tight situation, she just wasn’t able to get herself out of this one. Her cries for help were heard immediately by several neighbors. Afraid they might get bitten by the dog, they immediately called Animal Aid India for help.


The team responded to the call right away and promptly they arrived to help the dog in need. Thankfully the rescuers were on point and knew what to do. They kept her calm and was finally able to pull her out of the bars.

Whew! That was a bit intense! We salute the neighbors and Animal Aid India for their successful rescue mission! Let’s not forget, ensuring animal welfare is our responsibility so let’s all do our part if we ever see an animal in need.


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