This Miniature Traffic Jam Will Mesmerize You!

In the first two seconds, we thought it was just another boring video of ants walking on the wall But then things took a turn when we started hearing brakes screeching and other vehicle noises in the background.

Each sound effect was perfectly timed and turned this video into a mesmerizing event. It’s so satisfying to watch that Youtube users were asking for more. One guy commented, “if only the video was longer and with more ants.” Our hats off to a very creative and funny idea!

credits:Jesse Rosten

Alright, everyone, let’s give it up for Jesse Rosten! He is the genius behind the “tiniest traffic jam” video, with the captioned “Happening now on my wall.”

Jesse is probably one of those incredibly imaginative people who can come up with great stories about anything and everything. We are looking forward to more fun and inventive videos like this from this guy. 🙂


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