This Man Gets Daily Morning Greetings From Tons Of Farm Cats!

A huge number of cats visit this man every day, and it’s the most adorable thing ever! The man gets up every morning, opens his front door, and is greeted by the fluffiest and loudest group of kittie cats you’ve ever sees!

According to the uploader, these cats aren’t stray. He’s their proud owner and they are his farm cats. It’s true guys, there is such a thing as a crazy cat guy. 😄 And we love it!


The farm cats live a healthy and happy life on the farm. They’re also a great help to their owner by keeping the mice out of his house and farm building. And for those who are concerned about the kitties’ well being, don’t worry, because they are being fed more than what you’ll see in this video. The owner also made it clear that he doesn’t complain about feeding his fluffy brood. He just filmed the video for the sake of sharing the awesome way he spend every morning which he loves and finds hillarious!

He also hopes this video will bring smiles to a few people. Well, mission accomplished. We loved every minute of it! 😉


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