This Man Found Out Why “Going Paperless” Was The Worst Decision Ever

Can technology solve every problem?

We all know “that guy”.  You know, the guy who has to have the latest gadgets, uses technology for everything, and insists that not going digital is like living in “the dark ages”.


This Le Trefle toilet paper French commercial, conveying the era of paper might be coming to an end soon, has the perfect message for all the technology snobs out there! We may be living in a paperless age now because of the latest gadgets that make our life easier, but the use of paper is not dead. Technology just can’t replace everything–for certain things, there are no substitutes.

Watch as his family has to put up with his snobbery only to get even in the best way possible. Now he knows that there are some things that just need to be done with paper. Maybe the latest technology can’t do everything after all. Right, Emma? 😉


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