This Man Carries A Motorcycle On His Head… Up A Ladder!

We’re not quite sure how this guy doesn’t have a broken neck… Maybe he’s a super hero… What ever it is this Indian guy sure does seem to have superhuman abilities. I’m pretty sure if I tried to carry a motorcycle on my head my neck would snap in two. Check out how this guy scales a ladder with a motorcycle balancing on his head like it’s no big deal.


It would take about half a dozen of us to lift a 100+ pound motorcycle much less figure out how to get it up a ladder. But lifting it up by balancing it on your head while climbing a ladder all by yourself?! Apparently it’s not impossible and htis guy just proved it. The most shocking part is how easy he made it look on the video. Well, we still don’t think it’s though. So please don’t try this at home.


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