This Man Can’t For The Life Of Him Figure Out What E Y E S Spell

Don’s unwavering response to Jeannette’s question on what word is spelled E-Y-E-S is really spectacular!

At first the partner of the New Zealand guy asks him to spell Y-E-S, which he got right the first time and for some reason when she asked him this question “What does e-YES spell?” , his mind got all dazed up and confused. His partner Jeanette was right captioning her uploaded video, “Don has a complete brain fart”. It took him a few minutes of cussing and giggling before he figures out his funny mistake, but when he did, he just can’t stop laughing!

credits:Jeanette Manu

It was kind of funny at the beginning but went crazy hilarious at the end. For some reason, he just can’t get the answer right. Poor Don, he got tricked big time! Compliments to his partner Jeanette, who did a pretty good job making him forget how to spell the word “eyes”. Don’s funny spelling mistake is guaranteed to make you laugh every time.


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