This Little Girl Reaction When She Hears Her Favorite Song Is Beyond Adorable!

Going to Disneyland is usually on every families bucket list. There’s so much to do and places to visit! The most favorite amusement in the world park has everything to offer especially for the little ones.

The short video below shows us an unforgettable moment experienced by Penny during family their trip to Disneyland. This little girl’s experience only proves just how magical the happiest place in this world can be! For the parents, their daughter’s reaction is worth every cent they paid for the expensive trip.

credits:Bryce Hanson

Penny and her parents were at the park watching the Disney band performing. The group was giving renditions of different version of “Let It Go.” At first the little girl doesn’t realize that they were playing her favorite song from the movie “Frozen.” It took a few moments when she finally recognize it, and when she did, oh she got so excited! Watch the video and witness this priceless moment.


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