This Little Girl Has Some Serious Boxing Skills To Show!

Meet Evnika Saadvakass from Voronezh, Russia. She is a living proof that you can be a professional boxer even at an early age.

Her father Rustram discovered her talent when she was only four years old. By the age of five, her speed has already leveled up and she started working on advanced punching techniques. Now that she’s turned eight she can throw 47 punches in 30 seconds with just one hand!

We were blown away by her technique and lightning speed!

credits:Saadvakass Family

This was the video of Evnika that made her popular on the internet 2 years ago. If you watch the first video, you’ll notice a big improvement on her boxing skills. Evnika also started training her siblings to box with who she practices five times a week with. Her father’s only wish for his daughter is that she doesn’t get tired of the sport and lose her passion for it.

We don’t think he has anything to worry about. It’s obvious this girl has a gift!

credits:Saadvakass Family


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