This Little Cub’s First Roars Might Be The Cutest Thing Ever

It won’t be too long until this delightful lion cub is ready to roar like a real king of the jungle! The little one tried his best for a ferocious roar only to let out an adorable tiny squeak!

This is probably the cutest little roar you’ll ever hear. Watch the video below and to see how this cub is winning the hearts of the internet.

credits:Rachel Kane

According to the up-loader, this video was taken during the “behind-the-scenes” tour of a local zoo back in December 2010.

The cubs are part of the educational program at the facility geared towards school kids. They are routinely separated from their mother after birth in order to let them adapt to their handlers. This will also allow them to focus more on taking good care of their growth and development. Eventually, the cubs will be reunited again with their mother and the rest of the lions.


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