This Kid Just Wants To Eat Her Snack But Dad Keeps Pranking Her!

A good dad is someone who you can lean on, who provides for you, who you can trust and who you look up to. We love our dads, even if their jokes are corny because they are always there for us. Sometimes though, they can get a devilish streak and pull out some decent pranks.

One good example is this video of a father pulling one over on his daughter. She sits down to enjoy some flan only to discover it magically disappears over and over. Thankfully dad is there to give her more…

credits:Time Pass

The girl finally figured it out and called in the big guns… momma!

We’re just impressed he was able to get a whole flan into his mouth in one go and keep a straight face! I wonder how his stomach felt afterwards. One thing we know for sure. This little one is going to be keeping a close eye on poppa from now on!


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