This Kid Is Ready To Kick Monster A$$!

What would you do if a monster came to your house? We’d probably hide under the covers but this little girl is ready to kick butt and take names! After watching this video we are pretty any monsters out there will steer clear of this little girl’s house because she’s all business.

Now, we aren’t in favor of kids saying bad words, but this is just genuinely adorable. Thank goodness mommy is here to rescue the day, and gives some guidance at the end.


Our monster-a$$ kicker is none other than Kassie Cucchiella, and she doesn’t appear delighted about the idea of monster invasion. Don’t worry little one, we bet after this video went viral those frightening creatures were put on notice.

Kassie’s video has been so popular that she was even invited on the Ellen Degeneres show for an interview. Accompanied by her mom, little Kassie corrects Ellen by telling her (ass) “it’s a bad word, you should say butt!” At the end of the show, this little girl went home with her new hot pink electric car that Ellen had given her.

Way to go Kassie! We’ll be calling you for protection the next time we see monsters and you can drive up in your pink car to kick some butt!


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