This Just Might Be The Scariest Job On The Planet

If you think your job sucks, think again. Check out these workers who just might have the scariest job on the planet. Most especially for anyone with acrophobia, or what we commonly know as the fear of heights. We can’t even barely make it through the whole video without the hairs on the back of our necks standing up!


For these fearless guys, climbing a 1768 ft tower is just another typical day at the office. In this video, these mechanics conducting installation, maintenance, or repair work walk us through how they climb one of the tallest towers in the world. It was a breathtaking scene to watch! I think we can all agree that, whatever these guys get paid… it’s not enough! People who do terrifying jobs like this deserve our full appreciation and respect.

Now I’m just curious if any of them ever were tempted to strap on a parachute and jump?


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