This Interview Between A French Dad And Son In The Wake Of The Paris Attacks Will Moved You To Tears

Earlier this month we were all devastated to hear the news about the Paris bombing attacks. The strikes left over 130 people dead and many more injured. Ever since the event, tribute pictures and videos of victims from the attacks have been plastered all over social media. But this video of a father explaining about the Paris attacks to his son featured by the Le Petit Journal is one we thought had stood out the most!

Angel Le, a Vietnamese father who is a resident in Paris, responded to his son’s question about his fear of the terrorist attacks. He told him to not be afraid because there are also bad guys everywhere else. He also reassured him that Paris was their home and that they were not going anywhere. Instead of teaching violence he explained to his son that they don’t need guns to stop the bad guys because they have flowers and candles that will protect them from any harm.

We all know that the flowers and candles are just metaphors, but we agree that this is a great way of educating the children about these pointless act of terrorism and above all how love trumps hate.


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