This Guy Got A Surprise Gift From His Girlfriend, Guess What Happened Later

We’ve seen a lot of the good, bad, and hilariously memorable pregnancy announcement videos, but this is by far one of the funniest pregnancy announcement we’ve seen!

A mother-to-be told her husband Dale that she is pregnant in the most creative way. The unexpected gift box from his wife has a piece of paper that reads “game over” and underneath it is a pair of baby shoes. See his hysterical reaction once he opens the pregnancy- reveal gift box. His response is the real definition of a genuine surprise!


This video has been viewed on Youtube a million times. It was also captioned on the video that their daughter was born on the 1st of November last year. With that look of incredible happiness on his face, we are pretty sure he felt more overwhelmed with emotion when he finally saw his daughter for the very first time. Congratulations to the both of you guys! 😉


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