This French Bull Dog Makes Quite The Duet

Step back Rihanna, because Junior “The Singing Frenchie” is here to steal your spotlight! Reaching over two million views since it was uploaded few months ago, it seems like this adorable whelp’s popularity is gonna continue to shine brighter  like the diamonds in the sky. Junior is not just a loving companion, but he makes a wonderful duet singing partner too!


Junior typically enjoys his carpool duet ride with his owner Emmanuel Tiburzio. It’s apparent that he already got the hang of belting out some few notes here and there. This clip only proves that the recent studies were true; scientists have discovered a foolproof evidence that animals do actually behave like their masters! And they should probably include Junior’s video in the evidence files too, don’t ya think?

We know you will be asking for more of this amazing duet sensation. So, here are some of the renditions they sang together that you’ll surely don’t want to miss!

1. Losing My Religion

2. Let It Go

3. Because Of You


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