This Fluffy Kitty Can’t Keep Its Eyes Open!

You are getting sleepy, you are getting so verrrryyy sleepy. We don’t know if the kitty was hitting the cat nip, stayed up to late watching tv or just was plain tuckered out playing with it’s brothers and sisters but this kitten needs a cat nap! He can barely stay awake but oh does she try so hard to keep those peepers open!


We’ve all been there. The late nights studying, out partying, or even just struggling to keep our eyes open just long enough to catch the end of our show just to have to get up early the next morning.
If someone doesn’t get this kitty a fresh dose of catnip I’m afraid it’s going to be lights out. I have a feeling it’s already too late <3 It’s a good thing he’s surrounded by a soft wall of padding and I’m sure momma’s just around the corner to tuck kitty in.


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