This Dog’s Reaction To Getting Caught Is Priceless

There’s nothing like the guilt ridden expression of a dog after being confronted for misbehaving. We can’t help but giggle just a tiny bit! An adorable Shiba Inu named Aiko was accused by her owner of eating some cheese she’s obviously not supposed to be eating.


Did she do it? Had she been a bad girl? Apparently, she claims that she didn’t have any idea how the scraps of silver foil on the carpet got there. Seeing that classic guilty look on her face, we know she did it!

But how can anyone stay angry at this cute tail-wagger? Even her owner couldn’t stay mad at her because he let Aiko licked his fingers at the end. Talk about a true bond between pet and owner! Her reaction to her misdeeds would make anyone forgive her. Don’t worry Aiko, even though we know you aren’t really sorry you were pretty darn cute 🙂

If you need a good laugh, you’ve got to take a minute and watch this.


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