This Dog Wears 100 Different Fruit And Vegetable Hats… Why not?

Who’s the good boy?! We guess Maymo, the cute balancing dog, is the one! This cute lemon beagle is here to show us that he can balance 100 fruits and vegetables on his head in 100 seconds. We’ve seen a few dog balancing acts in the past, but Maymo won our hearts this time!

According to his owner, it took them four months, hundreds of treats, and a little inspiration from an Irish hat designer Philip Treacy, to film the video. The final result is simply adorable and priceless! We’re wondering how many of the “hats” Maymo ended up eating the first time around.


Here are some of our favorite talented balancing canines on the internet! 🙂

1. Introducing… “Stack on Jack’s Back!”



2. Sugar the Golden Retriever balancing a tower of treats on its nose.


3. Meet Scout, who can balance anything on his head.


4. The world’s most disciplined dog? Maybe? 😉

5. Finally, this adorable balancing act!

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Pretty impressive, right?!


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