This Dog Has The Most Bizarre Way Of Relieving Itself

Dogs can be really amazing and talented creatures. You can teach them how to do tricks like sit, roll over, play fetch and catch Frisbee. Some breeds are even so intelligent that they’re recruited to work as police dogs, sheepherders, service dogs and therapy dogs for those who need affection, and comfort.

Some dogs though… their talents are a bit more … special. It might not have any practical uses other than making people laugh but Oscar the Chihuahua has a rather distinct way of going #1.


Meet Oscar, a very uncanny dog who enjoys peeing while doing a handstand. Wait? Handstands? Yeah, you read it right! Apparently Oscar is not the only one who does this odd behavior. Other dogs seem to find great satisfaction doing it this way too.

This pug…


Meet Chewbacca (aka Chewie). He is a toy poodle


And another chihuahua like Oscar


The list goes on and on…

It’s safe to say, don’t try this at home!


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