This Doctors “Hold” Will Instantly Calm Your Infant

Our life hack today is a perfect solution for calming your little one! Dr. Robert Hamilton, a pediatrician from Santa Monica, California is going to teach us an unusual trick on how to soothe a crying baby by using “The Hold” technique. This method has been used to quiet down babies during their visits to the clinic.

credits:Robert Hamilton

According to Dr. Hamilton, the trick doesn’t work for every child. It is only useful for infants ages two to three months. He also left a friendly reminder that if the method doesn’t work, make sure to check if your baby is not feeling well or see if the baby is just hungry.

How to Perform The “Hold” Technique:

1. Wrap one of the baby’s arms in front of the other, and hold them in place with one hand, while supporting the baby’s head.
2. Next hold the baby slightly forward at a 45-degree angle.
3. Use your other hand to grab the baby’s diapered behind, and rock or wobble him gently.




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