This Deaf Child Got To Communicate With Santa

It turns out Santa Claus is really magical that he can speak in many different languages including the special sign language for the deaf—simply sums up the spirit of the season!

Christmas is one of the most awaited holiday celebrations, especially for children. They are all patiently waiting to see Santa with bells on their toes. Three-year-old Mali Phoenix Williams-Cody like the other kids is excited to see him too! She went to Cleveland Centre’s with her mother to meet Father Christmas and tell him her wishes.

credits:Mashup Mark

According to Mali’s mom, her daughter was not really deaf. She is only having a hard time communicating our language. She learned sign language at a special school that helps kids struggling with communicating.

Mali isn’t prepared for what is about to happen. In this video, you’ll see the kind-hearted Kris Kringle asking mom if her daughter uses sign language. Her mother replies: “Yeah, she does animals and things like that.” Mali was amazed when Santa started speaking to her with his hands, asking if she wanted a doll for Christmas. Her reaction was beyond priceless, and it’s the most heart-warming to see ever!


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